• Alcohol-Free Wine

    Two rejuvenating non-alcoholic drinks that can be had with steak

    You may have plans to throw a barbecue party this summer and invite your friends to enjoy some time. Steak is perhaps the best choice to be had with wine. It is rather termed as the perfect combo. But your friends may be health conscious and might not be interested in alcoholic drinks. If so, you can always consider choosing https://www.semblance.com/ or beer or simple prepare and serve some refreshing non-alcoholic drinks. They will go well with the grilled steak and enjoyed by everyone around.
    2 rejuvenating non-alcoholic drinks
    You can buy Non-Alcoholic Wine from a reputed portal or simply prepare some amazing ones at your home following a few steps.
    • Tropical Mint Sparkler:
    • Ice
    • Rosewater, 2 drops
    • Mint leaves, 1/4 cup
    • Seltzer, 3/4 cup
    • Fresh orange juice, 3/4 cup

    Preparation methods:
    Mix the ingredients together like rosewater, mint leaves, seltzer and orange juice in a bowl. Now stir thoroughly to combine all the ingredients. Take serving glasses and place in them ice. Then pour sparkler mixture on top of ice. It is ready to serve. You should always serve your guests with refreshing, cooling beverage along with delicious, hot grilled steak.
    • Pear & Ginger Punch:
    • Pear juice, chilled, 8 cups
    • Fresh ginger, sliced well into thirds, 3” piece
    • Water, 2 cups
    • Seltzer, 3 1/2 cups
    • Ginger syrup, 1 cup
    • Sugar, 1 cup
    • Ground ginger, 1 1/2 tsp
    • Lemon juice, 1/4 cup and 1 tbsp
    • Candied ginger, to garnish
    • Ice
    Preparation methods:
    To prepare syrup, take a saucepan and mix together sugar, water and ginger. Boil them. Lower heat and simmer the mixture for about half an hour or until it becomes a syrup. Now, remove from heat and cool. Then, mix this cooled mixture with ground ginger, lemon juice and pear juice. Include seltzer to this mixture and stir well. Put ice and candied ginger upon the toothpicks to garnish the cocktail glasses.
    Why should you depend on wine when you can serve this amazing non-alcoholic beverage that is sure to be enjoyed and demanded! You just need to be creative in your thoughts and search for Google for different types of exciting non-alcoholic beverages to prepare at your home. You can also shop at Alcohol-Free Wine for your choice of alcohol-free beverage that is completely healthy and tasty.

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